• Oxford mPulse Handheld LIBS Analyzer (MPULSE)

The first handheld LIBS analyser for ultra fast scrap sorting and alloy identification

Oxford Instruments’ mPulse is the first handheld LIBS (laser induced breakdown spectroscopy) analyser optimised for the rapid sorting of metal alloys.

The mPulse enables the user to:

  • Identify a wide variety of metal alloys at the press of the trigger
  • Measure elements, light and heavy in only 1 second
  • Test large or small samples such as shavings, turnings, granules, cables etc. The laser scans the sample surface and will ‘bounce’ repeatedly across small samples to optimise the measurement

Hassle Free: No X-Rays

Based on LIBS technique, the mPulse is free from the regulatory constraints usually associated with x-ray analysers

Rugged for low cost of ownership

  • The analysis head is protected by a strong sapphire window in the analyser’s nose, safeguarding against the need for costly repairs and preventing contamination of the optics
  • Ready to use: no set up is required, skilled or unskilled staff can be up and running in minutes. The mPulse requires minimal training for optimum use
  • Low maintenance and repair costs - no costly detector to replace
  • No X-rays so no X-ray regulations. The mPulse is free from regulatory constraints usually associated with XRF analysers, so costly and time consuming training classes for radiation safety, regular third-party test reports, yearly user certification, etc. are not required

Ease of use

  • Simple ‘point and shoot’ analysis. Simply place the mPulse nose against the sample and press the trigger to measure
  • Intuitive icon driven user interface
  • Large touch screen (4.3”) that can be used with gloves on
  • Great results visibility, even in direct sunlight
  • Grade identification, chemistry, or Pass /Fail results after only 1 second

Battery operated for true handheld use

  • Lightweight rechargeable battery pack
  • Batteries take only seconds to swap, minimising any interruption to your work
  • Up to 250 tests on a single charge
  • Two batteries included

Flexible results storage and transfer

  • Results are saved automatically on the mini-USB memory stick provided with the mPulse
  • Averaging function for multiple tests across a sample surface

mPulse for fast scrap sorting

The mPulse analyser is the fastest alloy sorter on the market. It has been designed for the rapid identification and sorting of heavier alloys such as Stainless Steels, Ni, Cu, Co, Ti alloys and many more. Up to 5 times faster than handheld XRF instruments, the mPulse makes measurements in just one second regardless of the alloy type.

Why use an mPulse?

Speed – 1 second test: sort large quantities of material, and turn your scrap into cash fast

Ease of use – minimum user training required

Virtually non-destructive method – the very small burn mark on the sample can be wiped with a finger or cloth

Less stringent regulatory requirements than XRF: much easier to integrate into the work routine

Rugged – Optics are protected by a sapphire window to prevent contamination and damage

Light – 1.8kg with battery and balanced for maximum productivity throughout the day

Performance – Separate stainless steel 304 from 316 or Aluminium 6061 from 6063 in just one second

Handheld LIBS: For 1-second alloy identification, even of Al alloys, with no X-rays


Handheld LIBS (laser induced breakdown spectroscopy) analyser for the rapid sorting of metal alloys
Operating temperature:-10 °C to +40 °C.
Humidity:non condensing
IP rating:No IP Rating
Miniature diode solid state Q-switched laser pulsing rate:4kHz.
Complies:Complies with 21 CFR 1040 with deviations pursuant to Laser Notice 50
Peak Power:< 0.5W
Pulse Energy< 150mJ/sec
Class 3b
Mini Czerny-Turner based spectrometer optic with 3600 pixel CCD and 1200 line grating
Screen and operating system
4.3” anti-glare colour touch screen , readable in direct sunlight
Data storage and transfer via mini USB memory stick
 Graphical user interface available in:Czech, Dutch, English (UK), English (US), French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Slovenian, Spanish
Steels and irons; Aluminium; Copper, Brass, Bronze, Cupro-Nickel etc; Nickel; Cobalt; Titanium; Magnesium; Zinc; Tungsten; Tin and Lead
Pure identification only for Bismuth, Cadmium, Chrome, Germanium, Hafnium, Indium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Niobium, Antimony, Silicon, Tantalum, Vanadium, Yttrium and Zirconium. Others may be added on request.
Element range optimised for each base metal
Analytical range:
All elements emitting between 240 and 520 nm
Be Mg Al Si Ca Ti V Cr Mn Fe Co Ni Cu Zn Zr Nb Mo Ag Cd Sn Sb W Au Pb Bi
Pre-loaded alloy table includes > 500 grades
Carrying and Transportation:
Rugged case for transportation and storage of the mPulse and its accessories
Rechargeable, removable, located inside handle
12V 1.1Ah Li-Ion batteries
Typically up to 250 tests per battery charge

Package Includes:

- Oxford Instruments mPulse LIBS Analyzer (BC# -L/T*)
- Carrying Case (G)
- mPulse Quick Start instructions
- Battery charger, with mains leads for UK, US and Europe
- Two Li-ion batteries
- Mini-USB memory stick for storage of results
- USB memory stick (contains an electronic copy of the mPulse user manual)

Warranty Information

2 Year Warranty

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Oxford mPulse Handheld LIBS Analyzer (MPULSE)

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