New Ruide R6 GPS RTK GNSS With Tilt Measurement

Feature of product :

Miniaturization: 11.2cm high, 12.9cm diameter, extremely compact and compact design, weighing only 970g, the smallest and lightest RTK in China, leading the new trend in the era of miniaturization.

Built-in radio: Ruide's built-in transceiver is different from the traditional external radio, which frees the battery, makes it easier for users to use, has strong anti-interference ability, moderate operation range, and basically meets the needs of most customers. Requires optional external radio.

Convenience: Load lightly and make measurements no longer burdened. The new miniaturized RTK measurement system makes the host and luggage more compact, and the weight of the complete set of equipment is 38% lighter than the previous generation.

Dual-mode long-range Bluetooth: The industry's first Bluetooth communication technology, equipped with 4.0 standard dual-mode long-range Bluetooth, can connect mainstream digital products such as mobile phones and tablets, and is backward compatible with the 2.1 standard and connected to industrial-grade handhelds. Efficient and stable data transmission technology, Bluetooth distance is longer, bringing users a more comfortable working experience.

High-precision positioning processing engine

Positioning accuracy Code differential GNSS positioning Level: 0.25 m + 1 ppm RM

Vertical: 0.50 m + 1 ppm RMS

SBAS differential positioning accuracy: typical <5m 3DRMS

Static plane accuracy ± (2.5 mm + 0.5ppm)

Static elevation accuracy ± 5mm + 1ppm

RTK plane accuracy ± 10mm + 1ppm

RTK elevation accuracy ± 20mm + 1ppm

Hardware size 12.9cm × 11.2cm, volume 1.02L

Weight: 920g

Voice Humanized voice prompt

Data link communication Built-in transmitting station Ruide built-in transceiver, typical distance 5km

UHF data link Ruide's high-end radio module, using SMT assembly, high integration and stability to increase the radio distance

Network data link GPRS (optional for 3G / CDMA) network communication module, international universal, automatic login network, compatible with various CORS system access.

Included :

Host head *2

Screw transmitter/receiver antenna *2

Lithium battery *4

Lithium battery charger 1


high feet*2

H5 handbook *1

Handbook data line * 1

Handbook bracket one*1

Radio 35W* 1

Multipurpose cable*1

GPS carbon fiber rod*1

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  • Brand: Ruide
  • Product Code: R6
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $2,500.00

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